Our Network Club

Meet like-minded people to extend the reach of your business. Our friendly networking club is the perfect place to start growing your business in Shropshire.

Networking in Shropshire

We meet fortnightly, by ZOOM for now,  for friendly business networking. With easy access to North Shropshire and the M54 businesses travel from far and wide to join our group.

Growing Your Business

Our club is a great way to introduce your business to others. Remember it is not just the people in the room that count, but also the people they’re connected to!

Friendly breakfast networking to grow your business

Meet new people
Expand the reach of your business and meet like-minded business people from throughout Shropshire.
Grow your business
Share your services with other business owners, swap business cards and showcase the benefits of working with your organisation.
We’re a friendly club full of different characters famous for our charity, social events. Quiz nights, golf days, bike rides, picnics and more. This isn’t your average network club.
It may be stating the obvious but by networking you’re creating a massive support network for your business.
Totally independent
INC Shropshire is ran by the members for the members, with any additional funds used to enhance the club or support our chosen charity.
Low cost

At just £22 per month (including breakfast) INC Shropshire offers fantastic value for helping to build your business.

Why join the Independent Network Club?

Apart from getting to know other like-minded businesses in the area, you of course have the opportunity to generate new business through networking and referrals. Don’t forget that all the other members are acting as your representatives and as they are out and about doing business may come across a business that might need your services.
The club members are your extra sales force! Plus the members act as a support network. If you have a problem in your business, you never know, another member may have ‘been there – done that’ and have the answer. If you only join one network club in Shropshire, make sure that it is INC.
We don’t believe in forced referrals, over the top testimonials and unlike a lot of network clubs we have no high charges. Our friendly club exists for the benefit of our members and our Chair’s charity and that’s the way we like it!
  • Networking 100% 100%
  • Socialising 80% 80%
  • Events 70% 70%

Networking in Shropshire


A broad range of businesses

Our club welcomes businesses of all shapes and sizes. Just started? Well established? Join us for friendly networking and expand the reach of your organisation.

Rural and urban organisations combined

We welcome organisations from both the towns and the countryside. Our unique networking club allows access to businesses you may never otherwise encounter.

Share stories, share ideas, share breakfast

The structure of our club and our regular social events means you get to know the people behind the businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Joining a new group can be a little daunting. We’re proud of our friendly and inviting group and we urge you to give us a try. We have compiled a list of FAQ’s to help you. If you still have questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

How much does it cost?

There is a monthly subscription of £25.

This includes your breakfast rolls, tea and coffee at meetings and also incorporates a £1 a month donation to the Chair's charity.

Is my business suitable?

We welcome all businesses. In our club you'll find accountants, solicitors, linguists, photographers, graphic designers, tradespeople and more.

How often do you meet?

We meet fortnightly at 7.50am  at The Old Rectory, Wem.

Am I expected to bring referrals?

Whilst it is always great to see referred business, we do not have an enforced referrals policy. We only want to see real business passed at our network club and would much rather you attended with no referrals, than didn't attend at all.

Who runs INC?

Our network club is a not for profit organisation run by the members, for the members. Each year at our AGM we elect a new Chair and committee to oversee the running of our club.

What is the format?

Every member is given 60 seconds to introduce their business or tell us their latest news. At each meeting one member is given the opportunity for a ten minute presentation which allows them to go in to more depth about their business, themselves, or a subject of their choosing.

At each meeting tea and coffee, a selection of fruit and breakfast rolls are available. We also pass referrals slips for any business transacted in the group - and one will win a bottle of wine!

I joined INC when I started my business in 2011. The club has meant introductions to many businesses I would otherwise have never met. A fantastic way to grow your business.
Joel Stone

Director, Squeak

Having moved to the area, I joined INC to introduce my business to other Shropshire organisations. I find the group friendly, informative and varied and the charity fundraising is an excellent bonus.
Mark Smith

Director, Mark Andrew Smith Ltd

As a founding member of the club it is a pleasure to see the varied businesses frequenting our networking group. INC really does feel like a group of friends and I couldn’t recommend it more!
Suzi Rixon

Owner, 2's Company

Meet like-minded businesses

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